Sediment Book


New Book - Reservoir Sedimentation: Assessment and Environmental Controls

New Book by K. Bhattacharyya and V.P. Singh

Global water resources on a per capita basis have diminished significantly due to poor water management, continuously rising population, increasing water demand, land use change, and climate change. Therefore, it is important to know about global water resources trends, land degradation, urbanization, reservoir sedimentation, and environmental impacts in order to develop judicious water resources management strategies. One of the strategies is the assessment of reservoir sedimentation in order to determine reservoir storage capacity and its reduction with time. This is fundamental for maintaining design reservoir storage capacity and the operational life of reservoirs. These days, the loss of connectivity in river systems is being observed in many developing countries authors, which adversely impacts water resources. Riparian landscapes are exhibiting both natural as well as human induced transformations. On the other hand, indigenous technological innovations are helping with better water resources management and riparian communities are accepting that flooding cannot be entirely eliminated and this is a positive sign. It is also being observed that waterbodies are continuously disappearing and landscapes are transforming into hybrid landscapes.
Hardships resulting from inadequate water supply due to continuous ground water depletion are on the rise. This book was conceived out of a concern about the impact of imminent global water shortages. The goal here is to provide information for policy makers, engineers, and communities so they can manage water supply systems, reservoirs, dams, and the ecosystem in the best possible way and ensure the sustainability of water resources for both present and future generations.

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