Education / Training Skills


Followings are my education / training skills

A. Education

1. Post-Doc.

Department of Geography and Environmental Planning, University of California, Berkeley, 2002-2003.

Project title:

Sediment management in aging reservoirs: A review of status of reservoir sedimentation in California/India

2. Ph.D. in Geography

(Group Geomorphology). The University of Burdwan, WB, India, May 2000.

Dissertation title:

Applied geomorphological study in a controlled tropical river-The case of the Damodar River between Panchet reservoir, and Falta

Dissertation Committee:

  • Basu M (Chair, Ex-Reader, The University of Burdwan, WB, India)
  • M Gordon Wolman (Late Professor, The Johns Hopkins University, MD, USA)
  • Bandyopadhyay M (Ex-Professor, Calcutta University, WB, India)

B. Training and Certification

  • Fundamentals to Watershed Management, U.S.EPA
  • Ecosystem Restoration: philosophical, political and scientific controversies University of Michigan, Ann Arbor attended
  • Digital Compilation and Database Design, Portland State University; Oregon
  • Windows Applications Development using VC#.NET, NIIT, India
  • Aerial Photography, Remote Sensing, and Geographic Information System (GIS), National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization (NATMO), India
  • Introductory & Fundamentals in ERDAS Imaging, INTERGRAPH. Inc.
  • Advanced Multispectral Classification, INTERGRAPH. Inc.

ESRI/GEOSPATIAL Certified Training

  • Earth Imagery at Work
  • Introduction to Spatial Statistics with ArcGIS Desktop and R
  • Going Places with Spatial Analysis
  • Design and Build GIS Websites Like a Pro
  • Building ArcGIS Website with Carto Builder (Web based platform for storing, visualizing and sharing GIS data)
  • Building Custom ArcGIS Server Applications with JavaScript
  • Programming the ArcGIS Server API for Flex
  • HTML5 and CSS3 for GIS Web Developers
  • Introductory and Advanced Programming the Google Maps API
  • Python Scripting for Geoprocessing Workflows
  • Python Scripting for Map Automation
  • Learning ArcIMS
  • Introduction to ArcGIS 9 Geostatistical Analyst
  • Learning Visual Basic for New ArcGIS Developers
  • Storing Raster Data in an ArcSDE Geodatabase for ArcEditor and ArcInfo
  • Creating and Integrating Data for Natural Resource Applications
  • ArcGIS I & ArcGIS II


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